FORTIFIED for Safer Business

FORTIFIED for Safer Business™ (FFSB) is a voluntary, superior construction standard designed by IBHS for new commercial buildings that makes buildings stronger and more resilient to multiple natural hazards. FFSB is NOT an IBHS designation program.

IBHS’ FFSB program is now referenced and spotlighted in the National Institute of Building Sciences Whole Building Design Guide. The purpose of the guide is to create successful high-performance buildings by applying an integrated design and team approach to the project during the planning and construction phases. IBHS views every building as a holistic system. Our commitment to building community resilience by constructing and retrofitting safer, stronger businesses and homes aligns very well with the goal of the Whole Building Design Guide. Inclusion of FFSB in this guide provides excellent exposure for this important standard to the building and construction community.

This Nationwide Insurance call center, completed in 2012 in San Antonio, Texas, was the first structure built using the FORTIFIED for Safer Business standards.

FORTIFIED For Safer Business® Standards

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