freezing-weather Winter Weather

Prior to the winter months, ensure that all cracks, holes, and other openings on the exterior walls are sealed tightly with caulk or insulation to prevent cold air from penetrating the wall cavity. When extreme cold weather is predicted, let all faucets drip to prevent freezing of the water inside the pipe, and if freezing does occur, to relieve pressure buildup in the pipes between the ice blockage and the faucet. The pressure buildup is the actual cause of bursting pipes.

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snowy roof

It’s important to understand your risk of roof collapse due to the weight of snow on the roof. How much weight can a roof support? How can I prevent snow roof collapse? Should I use a snow roof rake or call a professional for roof snow removal? Get these answers and more to help prevent a roof collapse.

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Consumers often turn to alternative heating systems like wood pellet stoves (a.k.a. wood burning stove or wood pellet furnace) during the winter to heat their homes. If you’re considering switching to a wood pellet stove, space heater, or fireplace this winter, consider the following safety information. Before using any heating device, install carbon monoxide detectors in several parts of the house.

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