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New structures can deflect wind, resist fire and float on demand. Yet despite increased risks from climate change, those innovations have been slow to spread.

Beachgoers getting injured by flying beach umbrellas has become a big problem. Jeff Rossen shows you the best way to protect yourself and make sure your umbrella stays put.

Hurricane Florence

2018 North American Hail Workshop

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IBHS Research Center's Test Chamber - ABC Columbia

Narrowing the Path of Destruction - ABC Columbia

IBHS Research Center's Aging Farm - ABC Columbia

Importance of Strong Continuous Load Paths - ABC Columbia

IBHS Research Center's Fans - ABC Columbia

IBHS Research Center's Control Room - ABC Columbia

April 2018

Orlando Sentinel
April 2018

IBHS Research Center Demonstrations Highlights

Hail Demo at the IBHS Research Center – 2013

Wind (Commercial) Demo at the IBHS Research Center – 2012

Ember Demo at the IBHS Research Center – 2011

Wind (Residential) Demo at the IBHS Research Center – 2010




IBHS’ Giammanco: Stronger Post-Andrew Building Codes Paid Off in Florida
A.M. BestTV – October 2017

Wildfires Can Attack Your House From the Inside — Here’s How to Prevent It
KQED Science – October 2017

Is Your Home Ready for Climate Change?
The Balance – October 2017

Preparing to Evacuate During Wildfire? These Checklists Can Help
California AG Network – October 2017

Houses Likely Burned from the Inside Out, Says UCCE Forest Advisor
California AG Network – October 2017

After Hurricanes, Focus Turns to Assessing the Effectiveness of Building Code Adoption
Claims Journal – October 2017

Is Your House Hurricane-Ready?
QuickenLoans – October 2017

This research centre is destroying houses in a giant wind tunnel to help with hurricane safety
Business Insider UK – October 2017

Building codes on Puerto Rico unable to withstand Category 5 storms: Expert
ABC News – September 2017

Can resilience planning be disentangled from climate politics?
The Christian Science Monitor – September 2017

New hurricane-resistant roof touted for insurance savings to homeowners
The Post and Courier (Charleston, SC) – September 2017

Homes Built to Stricter Standards Fared Better in Storm
The Wall Street Journal – September 2017

Harvey Could Reshape How and Where Americans Build Homes
Bloomberg – August 2017

Hurricane Harvey: How homeowners should prepare
CBS MoneyWatch – August 2017

Protecting Your Business from Wildfires
Risk Management Monitor – July 2017

One major change to local homes can make them weather ready, experts say
WSOC-TV (Charlotte, NC) – July 2017

Nearly 200,000 homes in NC are at risk from tropical winds. Is yours one of them?
The News & Observer (Raleigh, NC) – July 2017

Blown Away – Part 1 (Manufactured Home Series)
Blown Away – Part 2 (Manufactured Home Series)
Blown Away – Part 3 (Manufactured Home Series)
CBS46 (Atlanta, GA) – July 2017

Hail of a forecast: Climate change means fewer hailstorms but bigger hail
CNN – June 2017

Using Special Nails to Save Roofs — and Dollars
The Pew Charitable Trusts – June 2017

Slade column: Can insurance discounts pay for new roofs in South Carolina coastal areas?
Post and Courier (Charleston, SC) – May 2017

Here comes hurricane season 2017
CBS MoneyWatch – May 2017

Homes to return to after the storms
USA Today – May 2017

FORTIFIED..Bolsters Communities Against Natural Disasters
badcredit.org – May 2017

Study Digs Into Hailstorm Science
The Weather Channel – May 2017

A.M. Best Interview with IBHS’ Dr. Anne Cope
A.M. BestTV – March 2017

2016 and earlier

Built to Last
Best’s Review (A.M. Best) – November 2016

First ‘Fortified’ Home Nearing Completion In Sand Springs
News On 6 (Oklahoma) – July 2016

Hailstorms Grow Less Predictable and More Expensive
Risk & Insurance – July 2016

10 ways to prepare your home for hurricane season
CBS Money Watch – July 2016

Munich Re US and IBHS Partner on App to Drive Resilient Home Construction
Insurance Innovation Reporter – June 2016

WEATHER WHYS with Dr. Jon Nese
Penn State Department of Meteorology – June 2016

There’s Another Climate Fight. (We’re Losing That One, Too.)
BloombergView – May 2016

Easy Ways to Make Your Property Disaster Resistant
Fox News – Bob Massi the Property Man – April 2016

To Fight the War on Hail, Researchers Seek Empirical Ammo
Wall Street Journal – April 2016

Hail Research Expanding to Address ‘Huge Loss Driver’
A.M. Best – July 2016
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New Initiative to Fortify Oklahoma Homes Could Save Lives
NewsOn6 (Tulsa, OK) – April 2016

Fortified Homes Could Protect Residents from Storms
FOX23 News (Tulsa, OK) – April 2016

Safe Rooms: What You Need to Know
Fox News – Bob Massi the Property Man – January 2016

Building to Last: South Kingstown Project on Track to be Region’s First FORTIFIED Home
Providence Journal – December 2015

American Modern Unveils Employee-Constructed Home for Claims Training, Education
Claims Journal
Claims Journal – November 2015

Local Company Builds Hurricane-Resistant Modular Homes
Bay News 9 – October 2015

Manufactured Home Demonstration – NBC Today Show
Today Show – July 2014