California Wildfires

California Fires

Deadly wildfires in California have left a trail of destruction, charring anything in their path. The fast-moving Camp Fire in northern California and the Woolsey and Hill fires in southern California caused significant damage and loss of life. Below are resources to help those impacted recover from these wildfires.


Camp Fire – 153,336 Acres / 100% Contained

Woolsey Fire – 96,949 Acres / 100% Contained

Hill Fire – 4,531 Acres / 100% Contained  

As of November 25

If told to evacuate, do so immediately!

Until evacuation orders are issued:

  • Create an emergency evacuation kit.
  • Take photos and/or video of your possessions, which can help a possible claims process.
  • Create defensible space on your property by removing flammable materials from UNDER your deck, on your roof, in your gutters, and in a 5’ perimeter around your house, including the outer edges of the deck.

The main source of home ignitions is through wind-borne embers that can blow more than a mile away from a wildfire. Embers can ignite dead vegetation next to your house or on your house, causing significant damage. Flames or radiant heat from your home can then ignite neighboring houses, making a community approach critical to reducing risks. Learn more about how you can reduce risks by creating/maintaining defensible space.

If you are impacted by the current wildfires, or could be, please follow these steps:


Start Here


First Steps to Recovery


Rebuild Stronger

When you and your family are ready, and if you make the decision to rebuild, the guidance below can help you build and maintain a more wildfire-resistant home:

Below are additional resources provided by IBHS regarding guidance and research about wildfire and tips for hiring a qualified contractor when you are ready to rebuild: