Always be careful when entering a damaged building. If there is serious structural damage, contact local officials before entering. Report downed power lines or gas leaks. Keep electricity turned off if the building has been flooded. IBHS provides post-hurricane safety tips, generator safety tips, and insurance claim guidance to help you deal with the aftermath of a hurricane.

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August 24, 2017, marks the 25th anniversary of Hurricane Andrew, a Category 5 Hurricane that devastated South Florida and parts of the Gulf Coast. Tragically, 26 people lost their lives, while 250,000 others were left homeless, and 82,000 businesses were damaged or destroyed. Insured losses topped $24 billion (2016 dollars), making it the third-costliest hurricane... Continue Reading
The IBHS Research Center provides unique opportunities for objective laboratory testing of full-scale, one- and two-story commercial and residential structures, as well as components used in larger commercial facilities. Results of these tests, along with other IBHS research, are helping insurers and business owners better understand how extreme weather—or even more common events—can damage or... Continue Reading