Steps to FORTIFIED for Safer Living®

New construction

If you are interested in applying for a FORTIFIED designation, the process requires completion of many of the following steps prior to construction start:

  1. Identify the natural perils that your FORTIFIED project must address.
  2. Review the FORTIFIED Standards Guide to confirm design and material requirements for applicable perils.
  3. Complete the appropriate self-assessment checklist(s) to verify the project’s readiness to meet Fortified requirements.
  4. Send the checklist(s) to the FORTIFIED Program Administrator for review and contact him to discuss the project further.
  5. Engage a licensed professional to create a design that meets FORTIFIED requirements.
  6. Through IBHS, find an approved FORTIFIED Project Manager you can engage to verify the design, approve the project, supervise inspections, and provide IBHS with necessary documentation.
  7. Receive a FORTIFIED designation after final approval by IBHS.

For more information on the program, please contact Rem Brown at (813) 675-1032.