If you’re renovating or re-roofing, consider these upgrades that will make your home stronger against severe weather.

1. Upgrade to Good or Excellent impact-rated shingles based on IBHS testing

Cost: $3,000–$6,000*

Time: 1-3 Days

*1,500–3,000 square-foot house.

Not all shingles labeled as impact resistant perform well against hail.

Your roof is your home’s first line of defense against severe weather. Consider shingles rated Good or Excellent by IBHS.

Shingles add more than just architectural detail; they are critical to protecting your home against hail. See IBHS shingle performance ratings.

These high-performing shingles also meet the UL Class 4 impact-rated standard which may qualify you for an insurance discount. Ask your insurance agent!

2. Upgrade to impact-rated windows

Cost: $5,375*

Time: 4-8 Hours

*Estimated at less than $27 per square foot installed.

Stronger windows can better withstand high winds and flying debris. 

Look for windows labeled as impact resistant.

3. Upgrade to impact-resistant skylights

Cost: $500–$1,000*

Time: 4-8 Hours

*Assuming 2–3 per home.

Stronger skylights better withstand hail impacts.

In hail-prone regions, replace existing skylights with impact-resistant versions to reduce the likelihood of hail damage.

4. Upgrade siding materials

Cost: $6,000–$25,000*

Time: 3-5 Days

*Brick veneer ($15,000–$25,000) or concrete-fiber board ($6,000–$10,000).

Stronger siding means less hail damage.

In hail-prone regions, use siding materials such as brick veneer or concrete-fiber board to better protect against expensive and unsightly hail damage. 

5. Get a whole-home lightning protection system

Cost: $3,000*

Time: 4-8 Hours

*Installed, including lightning rods, grounding system, and surge protection.

Lightning can cause costly damage to your home.

Get a whole-home lightning protection system, which includes not only the surge protection, but also lightning rods and a grounding system. A lightning protection system will help protect your home and electronics from lightning strikes and power surges.

6. Get a tornado safe room

Cost: $6,000–$20,000

Time: 4-8 Hours

Safe rooms provide the best protection during a tornado.

Purchase and install a tornado safe room compliant with FEMA P-320 standards. Learn more from The National Storm Shelter Association (NSSA).