The Atlantic hurricane season runs June 1 through November 30.
Prepare your home now to reduce damage.

1. Review your insurance policy

Cost: $0

Time: 1-3 Hours

Assess your risk and ask questions if you have them. 

  • Know what your insurance policy covers—and what it doesn’t. 
  • Store your insurance agent’s contact information in your phone. 

2. Secure soffits

Cost: Under $10

Time: 1-3 Hours

Water can enter homes through unsecure soffits. 

Use stainless steel screws and a bit of sealant to secure soffits. Install stainless steel screws through fascia and channels so they connect the soffit material. Apply polyurethane sealant over screws and let dry for 72 hours.

What is a soffit?

3. Inspect your roof and resolve leaks 

Cost: $100-$500 / each item

Time: 1-3 Hours / each item

Existing leaks in your roof can worsen in severe weather.

  • Roof: A roof in need of repair is more vulnerable to high winds.  Unsealed shingles are vulnerable to wind and rain. Have your roof inspected to make sure it’s ready to stand up to hurricane season. ($500)
  • Skylights: Install flashing around skylights to keep water from leaking into your home. ($100-$150)
  • Chimneys: Remove and replace the flashing, including the ice and water barrier, around your chimney to ensure no water seeps into your home. ($275-$475; Cost varies based on size of chimney.)
  • Flashing: Have leaky flashing removed and replaced. ($500; Cost estimate includes 127 linear feet of materials and labor.)
  • Roof valleys: Remove and replace leaking valley metal on your roof. ($500; Cost estimate includes 95 linear feet of materials and labor.)

4. Trim your trees

Cost: $400 – $500*

Time: 1-3 Hours

*Estimated cost is per tree.

Trees in your yard could pose a threat to your home during high winds. 

Have the trees around your home trimmed by an arborist. Remove branches that overhang the house and remove dead, dying, or diseased trees.

5. Select a wind-rated garage door

Cost: $1,200 – $3,000*

Time: 4-8 Hours

*Estimated cost in Florida.

Garage doors are one of the most vulnerable parts of the home in high winds.

High winds can push a garage door inward, allowing pressure to push up on the roof and surrounding walls and damage your home. Wind-rated garage doors have been tested to withstand these pressures and can help protect your home. If you’re not sure whether your garage door is wind rated, it’s best to purchase a new one that is. Learn more at

If replacing your garage door is not possible, there are ways to reinforce your garage door temporarily with a brace.

6. Purchase hurricane shutters

Cost: $2,350*

Time: 4-8 Hours

*Estimate for covering ten windows (201 square feet).

Shutters can protect your windows and help keep out damaging winds. 

Plan ahead and purchase hurricane shutters (code-conforming aluminum paneling) to cover your windows if a hurricane nears. Find what’s right for your home with the IBHS Opening Protection Guide.

Note: Plywood should only be used in place of shutters as a last-minute resort when tropical weather is imminent. Additionally, taping windows provides no protection and wastes time.

7. Get a whole–home generator

Cost: $4,000 – $8,000

Time: 1-3 Hours

A generator will keep you prepared for a power outage year-round. 

Purchase a whole–home generator to keep your power on, regardless of the weather.