If you’re renovating or looking for ways to make your building stronger against hurricanes, consider these important upgrades.

1. Strengthen and repair your roof

2. Upgrade to impact-rated windows

  • Stronger windows can better withstand high winds and flying debris. Look for windows labeled as impact resistant.

3. Replace a rollup, garage, or overhead door with a wind-rated door

Don’t let this happen.
  • Talk to a contractor or engineer to determine what is appropriate for your location.

4. Purchase hurricane shutters

  • Plan ahead and purchase hurricane shutters (code-conforming aluminum paneling) to cover your windows if a hurricane nears. Find what’s right for your business with the IBHS Opening Protection Guide.

Note: Plywood should only be used in place of shutters as a last-minute resort when tropical weather is imminent. If plywood must be used, be sure it’s at least ¾ inch thick. Additionally, taping windows provides no protection and wastes time.

5. Install a backup power generator

  • Be sure to operate and maintain generators in accordance with manufacturer recommendations.

6. Check packaged terminal air conditioners (PTAC) units

  • Inspect all units to make sure they are properly installed to resist wind-driven rain. Leaks from these units can cause costly damage.
  • Ensure all units are installed per manufacturer guidelines, typically tilted 2° toward the outside of the building, and are correctly caulked between the outside of the building and the sleeve.