When a hurricane threatens, follow these last-minute steps to reduce damage to your business.

1. When a hurricane watch is issued, put your Business Continuity Plan into action

  • Begin last-minute preparations. Note that employees may need time to prep their home as well.

2. Install your hurricane shutters

  • Plywood should only be used as a last resort. If you’re forced to use plywood, be sure it’s at least ¾ inch thick.

3. Close rollup, garage, and overhead doors ALL THE WAY

  • If your door is not a wind-rated door, there are ways to reinforce it temporarily with a brace.

4. Secure outdoor equipment, signage, inventory, and loose items

  • Unsecured objects like pallets, materials, tables, chairs, and signs can become flying debris, causing damage to your building or surrounding businesses.

5. Check your drainage again

  • Ensure all outdoor drains are clear and free of debris.