If you’re renovating or re-roofing, consider these upgrades to make your home stronger against hurricanes.

1. Upgrade to impact-resistant skylights

Cost: $500–$1,000*

Time: 4-8 Hours

*Assuming 2–3 per home.

Stronger skylights better protect your home.

Replace existing skylights with impact-resistant versions to reduce the likelihood of damage.

2. Upgrade to impact-rated windows

Cost: $5,375*

Time: 4-8 Hours

*Estimated at less than $27 per square foot installed.

Stronger windows can better withstand high winds and flying debris. 

Look for windows labeled as impact resistant.

3. Install a FORTIFIED Roof™

Cost: $9,000–$12,000*

Time: Consult with a FORTIFIED roofer

*Based on a 2,000–3,000 square-foot house.

Your roof is your home’s first line of defense against the weather. Choosing a FORTIFIED Roof will help keep your roof on and keep water out during hurricanes.

Based on more than 20 years of scientific research and real-world testing by IBHS, FORTIFIED building standards strengthen homes against severe weather, reducing the risk of property damage and financial loss. Learn more at fortifiedhome.org/roof.