The 5 Cs You Will Gain from FORTIFIED Wise™ Training

As the national standard for resilient construction, the FORTIFIED Home™ programs equip professionals in the building industry with the knowledge and training to build stronger homes. If you are a licensed builder or contractor, architect, roofer or professional engineer, FORTIFIED Wise™ training can help you grow your business andmore importantlyprovide your customers with a higher level of protection in the face of a major storm.

Every FORTIFIED Wise™ class is led by a qualified instructor and approved for International Code Council Education Units (CEUs) and American Institute of Architects CES. The one-day courses are packed with valuable details, data and tutorials that will change the way you approach your craft. Overall, here are the 5 “Cs” you can expect to walk away with.

  1.    Command

Sure, you already have the knowledge base to go about your job and complete projects. But when was the last time you made an effort to improve your skills? The best builders never stop learning. They are constantly getting better and better at what they do, even if they were already good in the first place. FORTIFIED Wise™ training gives you an opportunity to step away from the daily grind and gain a stronger command of your craft.

  1.     Credential

When you complete the course, you will receive recognition for attending the training and demonstrating an advanced understanding of FORTIFIED Home™ concepts and requirements. You will be given access to the FORTIFIED Home digital package, including the FORTIFIED Wise Credential Seal, that you can display on your website, social media channels and email signature.

Many of our alumni display their training certificate in their office alongside other educational and industry accomplishments.

  1.   Credibility

When a homeowner is choosing who to work with for their project, credibility plays a big part in their decision. Beyond online reviews and word of mouth, completing the FORTIFIED Wise™ training will give you both the accreditation and the verbal horsepower to win jobs over your competition.

  1.    Connections

Just like any class setting, this training is a great place to meet like-minded people. We encourage everyone to take advantage of the networking opportunities prior to the class, during the group lunch hour, and at the end of the day after everyone has completed the test. You never know where your next referral or big contract will come from!

  1.   Confidence

The four Cs above combine for a higher level of confidence in your ability to navigate the industry and achieve your professional goals. The best way to take your business to the next level is to invest in things that will set you apart from the sea of other builders, contractors, architects or engineers out there. When you know you have a leg up on the competition, your confidence will radiate and customers will want to hire you.

So, what are you waiting for? Find an upcoming FORTIFIED Wise™ Training that works with your schedule and sign up today!