What to Expect During FORTIFIED Wise™ Training

General contractors, roofers, engineers, architects and tradespeople in related industries are attending FORTIFIED Wise™ training to be a part of the resilient construction movement. Even homeowners, real estate professionals, insurance agents and building officials are enrolling to learn how homes and businesses can be strengthened to better withstand a hurricane, tornado or severe storm.

Thinking of signing up for a FORTIFIED Wise™ workshop? Here are a few things you can expect at the full-day training session.


Proven Principles

The FORTIFIED Home™ program offers a set of holistic, superior construction standards that strengthen homes to withstand high winds, hail and wind-driven rain. At FORTIFIED Wise™ training, you will receive an overview of these principles, which can be applied to new homes during construction, or to existing homes by renovating or retrofitting.


Supporting Research

Everything you will see in the training manual is backed by field data and research conducted at the Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety (IBHS) Research Center. The Research Center has the capability to simulate hurricanes, tropical storms, straight-line winds, wind-driven rain, hailstorms and wildfire ember storms. By investigating how buildings are damaged, and in some cases come apart under these conditions, IBHS can better determine how to improve their performance, keep them together, or put them back together again. The techniques you will learn in FORTIFIED Wise™ training have been tested and proven to make homes safer, stronger and more durable than they were before.


Surprisingly Affordable Investments

Many people are surprised to find out that FORTIFIED risk reduction techniques often cost less than popular cosmetic enhancements that provide only aesthetic appeal and not property protection. Adding the FORTIFIED standard to new construction costs a mere 1–3% more than standard construction; the protection it provides is priceless.


Value, Not Sales

FORTIFIED Wise™ training is not a sales pitch. Rather, it is a platform for us to educate and empower professionals so that they can build a safer, stronger future for their communities. If that sounds like a mission you want to join, take the first step today.