Wildfire Destroys Homes in Central Washington

At least 24 structures were reduced to ashes when the so-called Sleepy Hollow Fire started as a brush fire in central Washington on Sunday afternoon and quickly spread due to hot and dry conditions, underscoring the harsh realities of how quickly a fire can spread and threaten properties this time of the year. The Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety (IBHS) urges nearby residents to stay alert, heed evacuation orders, and prepare your home and business now.

“Although rain has fallen this morning, it’s still critical that residents living in the Wenatchee, WA area pay close attention to local news and weather reports and evacuate quickly when informed to go, dry vegetation and high winds can quickly alter the path of a wildfire, putting people in harm’s way who thought they were in a safe location. There are steps homeowners can still take to protect their property. These steps can and should be taken long before the wildfire threatens. Creating a defensible space around your property will help slow an approaching wildfire and help keep it from igniting your home or nearby structures and vegetation” – Dr. Steve Quarles, IBHS senior scientist and wildfire expert.