IBHS Urges East Coast Residents to Protect Property from Further Winter Storm Damage

Media Contact
Tiffany O’Shea
Public Affairs Director, IBHS
Phone: (512) 636-7811
Email: toshea@ibhs.org
Twitter: @disastersafety

WHO: Home and business owners in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast regions

WHAT: Following record snowfall over the weekend, property owners are at risk for:

  • Ice dams – During freezing weather, heat from your home or business can escape through your roof and melt snow on your roof. The snowmelt can then trickle down to the roof’s edge and refreeze, creating an ice dam that leaves additional snowmelt with no place to go but possibly under your roof.
  • Roof collapse due to heavy snow load – It’s important to understand your risk of roof collapse due to the weight of snow on the roof. How much weight can a roof support? How can I prevent snow roof collapse? Should I use a snow roof rake or call a professional for roof snow removal?
  • Flooding and water damage due to melting snow – As the snow begins to melt from warmer temperatures or rain, flooding is a typical result because the water has nowhere to go and seeps into the ground or into cracks or gaps in your foundation.

WHEN: Now – Forecasters are predicting the possibility of more winter weather later this week.

HOW: Use recommendations from the Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety (IBHS) to reduce property damage.

IBHS Winter Weather Resources


Series of infographics on snow roof risks, winter weather flood risks and preventing ice dams – https://disastersafety.org/ibhs-risks-freezing-weather/winter-infographics/

CONTACT: To arrange an interview with an IBHS building science expert, please contact Brent Henzi (850) 879-0156 / bhenzi@ibhs.org.


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