Legislative and Regulatory Testimony and Public Comments

IBHS Commends Congress on Passage of Wind Research Legislation (September 2015)
IBHS announces its support for Congress passing the National Windstorm Impact Reduction (NWIRP) Reauthorization Act, which will fund additional research that will significantly reduce the vulnerability of homes and businesses to wind-related hazards.

Safe Building Code Incentive Act (April 2015)
IBHS supports the Safe Building Code Incentive Act, H.R. 1748, which would provide additional disaster relief assistance to states adopting and enforcing strong building codes.

Safety of Homeowners Threatened by North Carolina Legislation (April 2015)
The North Carolina Building Code Regulatory Reform bill (HB 255) will have a detrimental impact on homeowners, local governments and building officials by making homes in the state less safe and more costly.

New York Takes Encouraging Steps on Updating Building Codes
IBHS encourages the New York Code Council to quickly adopt the 2015 version of the ICC model building codes without weakening amendments.

IBHS Co-Sponsors Hurricane Sandy Resilience and Risk Forum that Advances Best Practices in Severe Weather Preparedness
The Northeast Risk & Resilience Leadership Forum brought together industry leaders, environmentalists, policy makers, and scientists to assess lessons learned from Hurricane Sandy and to examine best practices for mitigating and adapting to severe weather in the future.