IBHS Research (Studies & Reports)

IBHS regularly publishes studies and reports about its wide array of research projects.

AMETSOC Hail Research Reports

AMS Hail Research Reports

Asphalt Shingles: Relative Impact Resistance

Asphalt Shingles: Wind Performance in the Real World

Coastal Hazards: “Going Green and Building Strong”

Commercial High Wind Demonstration

Comparing Wind Loads on Vinyl Siding

Electrical Fires and ArcFault Circuit Interrupter Protection

Hail Field Study

Hailstorm Demonstration

Hailstorm Frequency (IBHS Analysis)

Hailstorms in Dallas/Fort Worth

Hurricane Charley

Hurricane Demonstration

Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Ike

Hurricane Isaac

Hurricane Katrina: 10 Years Later

Hurricanes Ike and Gustav

Manufactured Home High-Wind Testing

Photovoltaic Arrays in High Wind

Rating the States

Research Center Flow and Pressure Validation

Roof Aging Farms: Effects of Long-Term Aging

Water Damage Studies

Water Entry Through Roof Joints and Attic Vents

Wildfire – Black Bear Cub Fire (Sevier County, TN)

Wildfire – Ignition Potential of Decks Subjected to an Ember Exposure

Wildfire – Waldo Canyon

Wildfire – Witch Creek 2007

Wildfire Demonstration (2011)

Wildfire: Vulnerability of Vents to Wind-Blown Embers

Wind Loads on Small Roof-Mounted AC Units

Wind-Driven Rain Demonstration