High-wind events like tornadoes can happen quickly with little warning, and the results can be devastating. However, there are steps you can take to reduce damage. If you are currently under a tornado warning–seek shelter immediately. If you’re under a watch, visit www.ready.gov/tornadoes to learn how to stay safe.  Narrowing the Path of Damage This illustration…

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Roof repair and replacement can be a very expensive and daunting proposition. Hiring a roof contractor is like finding a good auto mechanic—identifying someone you trust to perform an important service you know little about and for which you cannot see the work or evaluate its quality.

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IBHS Hail Research Reports - American Meteorological Society Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology IBHS is conducting a multifaceted, major field research effort to study hailstorms with the goal of reducing property losses, and improving weather forecast models and radar detection of hail.  Evaluating the Hardness Characteristics of Hail through Compressive Strength Measurements Evaluating Hail Damage Using Property... Continue Reading
August 24, 2017, marks the 25th anniversary of Hurricane Andrew, a Category 5 Hurricane that devastated South Florida and parts of the Gulf Coast. Tragically, 26 people lost their lives, while 250,000 others were left homeless, and 82,000 businesses were damaged or destroyed. Insured losses topped $24 billion (2016 dollars), making it the third-costliest hurricane... Continue Reading