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IBHS recently welcomed 50 member-company representatives from all sectors of our membership and a variety of internal company roles to our first-ever IBHS Disaster Dynamics Academy. The two-day, hands on educational program focused on severe convective storms, explaining the dynamics of how such storms form and behave, demonstrating the severe property damage they can cause, and how FORTIFIED Home™ building techniques can reduce wind damage. The program also took a close look at damage hail does (and does not) cause to help member companies in managing this increasingly expensive weather peril. The unique program focused on the intersection of weather science, building science, and insurance operations— and is part of a broader effort to translate our research in ways that provide tangible value for our members.

“The team did a great job of explaining severe convective storms so that we (non-scientific folk) could understand it and its implications. I believe the work that IBHS is doing is having a positive impact on the communities that want to listen. I believe your outreach will continue to expand with the partnering of the member companies. I look forward to future testing and advancements especially within the commercial markets.”

Joe Zanghi, Zurich Risk Engineering
Disaster Dynamics Academy,
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