Your roof is your home’s first line of defense against damage from severe weather.
Not all roofs are built to the same standard. It’s more than shingles.
It’s a system of protection and you have options about which standard you use.
A roof built to a strong standard gives your family extra protection,
regardless of the weather.

Superior protection in the face of
high winds & hail.

Give your roof a fighting chance in severe thunderstorms. Strengthen your roof with multiple layers of protection and reduce the disruption from severe weather.

Extra protection for coastal homes.

Get a stronger roof proven to deliver better protection from hurricane winds and keep the water out of your home.

Tired of hail damage?

Replacing your roof year after year is a hassle. Choose a roof that will better withstand the next hailstorm.

Winter weather attacks your roof, too!

Ice dams can let water seep in under your shingles. Make sure your roof is ready with a second line of defense to keep water out.