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Flooded house

Flooding and flash flooding are a leading cause of weather-related fatalities. Many property owners are caught off guard by the risk that flooding posed as storms come ashore. This misunderstanding of flood risk leads to deaths and injuries. Homes are washed away, and businesses are heavily damaged by flood waters. IBHS suggests the following improvement projects for homeowners and business owners to help protect their property against potential floods this season.

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Small businesses, which are the economic and often social engine of many communities, can be the most adversely affected by floods. Small businesses must take steps to reduce the likelihood of flood damage and prepare financially and operationally should a flood occur. Protecting the bottom line in order to remain open, or to re-open quickly after a flood disaster, requires taking steps now to prevent or reduce flood damage should your business be in the path of rising water.

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While you are taking personal safety precautions, such as preparing an evacuation kit with important papers, insurance documents, medications and needed items for your family and pets, IBHS recommends you take the actions on this checklist to reduce property damage to your home. IBHS offers steps you can take when a flood is expected in your area to prepare yourself and your property.

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