If you are under a tornado warning, seek shelter now. When potential tornadoes are in the forecast for your area, use these tips to help keep you safe and give your home a better chance of making it through the storm.

When the potential for tornadoes is in your forecast, keep your windows and interior doors closed. Keeping the doors closed will help keep flying debris out and help keep the roof on your home. If you keep them closed throughout the day, you will know your home is ready if a warning is issued. It is a myth that you should open windows during a tornado. Opening windows allows air pressure to build up inside your home like a balloon, putting internal pressure on the roof and increasing the chance it fails.

When it’s time to replace your roof, due to weather-related damage or simply age, follow the advice in this guide to improve the long-term performance of your new roof during hurricanes. Proper installation directly impacts a roof’s long-term performance.

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Shingles are the most popular style of roof covering. Whatever roof covering you use the condition and attachment of the materials are critical to roof performance.

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